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Custom Framing Military Medals and Memorabilia

Do you have a family member or friend that is currently serving in the Armed Forces? Or a veteran who has proudly served in the past? They would be thrilled and honored to receive a three-dimensional shadow box or custom frame proudly displaying their medals, insignia, badges, ribbons, patches, and decorations; photos; certificates; and memorabilia.

Custom picture framing is a perfect way to preserve these heirlooms – a great source of pride and accomplishment – for your family and future generations.

A custom frame or shadow box can be designed so medals can be removed and worn, and then replaced in the frame.

As professional custom picture framers, we can preserve these treasures through the use of proper protective materials, and recommend design and display ideas to suit your budget.

We also specialize in framing sports jerseys, wedding bouquets, graduation diplomas, silver heirlooms, ivory objects, children’s art, and more; we can advise on hanging framed work and protecting it from light, humidity, acid, mold, and bugs.

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