Class Kit Ordering Program

Our Class Kit Program Makes it Easy For You & Saves Your Students Up To 40%!

Having a Pre-Made Custom Kit:

  • Saves your students time and money
  • Ensures students are prepared for class
  • Free Hull's tote with every kit!

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Hull's is dedicated to providing faculty and students with the most efficient and reliable way to obtain art materials. By submitting your course materials list to us early, professors, teachers and instructors benefit by offering their students a convenient, trusted source for their art supplies at the lowest price possible.

How to submit your materials list:

We ask that you submit your course materials list as early as possible (before the term begins). Receiving your lists early gives us time to negotiate discounts with vendors (in turn offering the best price for students), ensures we have all supplies on hand when classes begin and can trouble-shoot potential problems.

Early submission also allows us to create a "Kit" or bundled package of your required materials for students to purchase online and enjoy the convenience of having it waiting for them in the store when they arrive.

We have a list of each participating school on our site. From there students can find links to class pages of professors who order from us.

If you've questions or concerns please call 203.865.4855 or email Shawn