2012’s Best Frame Shop and Best Art Supply Store


Stacey Peterson, Stewart Johnson & Katrina Mortorff

May 2012

Yale art and architecture students should thank their lucky stars every day that Hull’s Art Supply exists so close to campus. “We supply the architecture students with all their needs for model making, local artists and hobbyists with art supplies, ranging from painting to drawing to ceramics,” says sales associate Stacey Peterson. At Hull’s, every need of every customer can be filled by Hull’s diverse and knowledgeable staff.

“We’re an independent store, and we have most of what people need, but we bend over backwards to make miracles happen to get the things we don’t have, and surprise people with better than good service,” says manager Stewart Johnson. Owner Stephen Kovel enjoys getting to know the customers, and many become repeat customers after their first visit. “Getting to see the same faces come in one, two or three times a day, and eventually getting to know their names is really rewarding,” says sales associate Katrina Mortorff.

When it comes to having a piece of art or a photo custom framed, attention to detail is key. At Hull’s Art Supply, frame customers are treated to a much higher level of service than they’d get at your average big box craft store. Not only does Hull’s offer a selection of frames from multiple vendors, they also have ready-made frames that are assembled locally.

Every custom framing piece is important, whether it’s a poster for a meeting or a piece of valuable art. The skill of the designers and their reception to customer wants and needs combined with the frame selection makes Hull’s the place to go for custom framing.

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