2008’s Best Frame Shop and Best Art Supply Store


May 2008

Hull’s started in 1948 as Hull’s Hobbies, but made a gradual transition over the years to become an art supply store before being acquired by its current owner in 1999 and officially turning into an art shop. Over that time, Hull’s has remained an independent bastion for local artists as well as a generally fun store for non-artists. The people at Hull’s try to steer clear of it becoming “a lifestyle store,” as they put it, so balance is maintained by stocking greeting cards, decorative papers, crafts, scrap books, Moleskines and supplies for those besides master artists. Nevertheless, artists’ gear (mostly paints) remain their main racket, next to framing. They’ve recently become a dealer of Utrecht’s line of affordable wares, now that the Dixwell Avenue Utrecht store has closed. And as always, they offer just about anything you could need, from matboard to inks to pastels and sketchbooks and lots more.

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